Water Line Breaks!!!

WE NEED YOUR HELP NOW!  We are experiencing unprecedented water use and our water storage tank is critically low.

  • We need all residents and property owners to immediately check for water line breaks at their home or their neighbor’s house.   If you own a vacation home and receive water service from Highland Haven Water System, ask a neighbor to check your home for water leaks immediately.
  • We have found and turned off water to 10 homes that have significant water line breaks.  Most of these homes are vacation/weekend homes or vacant homes.
  • Report the location of any water suspected water leaks to 830-265-4366.  If you have any problems contacting the answering service, call me on my cellphone 512-413-9031.
  • We will dispatch a technician to that location immediately to turn off the water.  Be sure to tell the answering service that it is an emergency. 

Olan Kelley


City of Highland Haven TX

830-265-4366 office

512-413-9031 cell