Stage 4 Critical Drought – Water Reduction Goal 30%

On June 13th the Central Texas Groundwater Conservation District (CTGCD) determined that the district (including Highland Haven) was in Stage 4 “Critical Drought Stage”.  The City of Highland Haven Water System wells are permitted by the CTGCD and as such we are subject to the CTGCD restrictions.  Stage 4 requires the City of Highland Haven to “Continue to encourage the practice of water conservation methods and reduce overall usage by 30%”.  Should aquifer conditions worsen, CTGCD can require mandatory reductions.  Please help us do our part to conserve water during this drought.

Below are critical actions outlined by CTGCD to help us to meet our 30% goal of reducing city water use.

  • Re-use and re-circulate water whenever possible
  • Check for and repair all leaks
  • No watering of lawns or landscapes
  • No vehicle washing
  • Do not use water to wash sidewalks, driveways, parking areas, streets, tennis courts, or any outdoor surfaces except when required for human or animal health and safety reasons, or fire hazard prevention.
  • Providing groundwater to ponds, tanks, lakes, reservoirs, swimming pools, or other surface impoundments for holding water regardless of capacity is prohibited
  • Water for dust control only when required by law
  • Watering livestock in leak-proof troughs is highly recommended

A full listing of water reduction actions can be found at

National Flood Insurance Program helps Texans recover from flood events

Posted June 7, 2022 on the Texas Water Newsroom

The City of Highland Haven participates in the National Flood Insurance Program and has adopted floodplain management standards via our ordinances and the building permitting program.  Property owners need to determine if their property is in a floodplain area and apply for flood insurance to cover their investment.

Are you ready for hurricane season 2022?

Today is June 1st, the start of hurricane season.  Are you prepared? When was your last service call? Do you have a generator?  Preparing a home and family for a hurricane can feel overwhelming.  To help, we recommend you update and have the below checklist readily available. 
Review your emergency plans should the power go out to an hour, multiple hours to even days
Review emergency plans for evacuation
Identify the safest location in the home to wait out storms 
Identify local shelters 
Check insurance policy/coverage
Conduct maintenance (or request service) on backup generators
Check the yard and landscaping for any trees that should be trimmed, clear gutters, etc.
Fill gas cans in the event of an evacuation or to run a portable generator 
Use hurricane shutters or board up windows and doors with 5/8 – inch plywood
Reinforce garage doors
Bring in outside items if they can be picked up by high winds
Create a communication plan with family members in case of an outage
Build an emergency kit
Compile contact information for relevant family members and keep it handy in a wallet or purse
Create inventory of your homes contents.  Store in waterproof container or plastic sleeve

Texas A&M Forest Service: Texas Fire Potential Update

Texas A&M Forest Service: Texas Fire Potential Update

The Texas Fire Potential Update has been posted at:   Texas Fire Potential
Good morning all, High significant fire potential will continue in high risk, grass/juniper fuel for the Rolling Plains and Western/Eastern Hill Country Thursday and Friday. The combination of very low live and dead fuel moisture, 100°F temperatures, and elevated to critical fire weather will produce fires that are highly resistant to control. Active crown fire and short range spotting is likely during peak afternoon heating and into the early evening. A pattern change to a cooler and moist environment is expected late this weekend and early next week and should reduce fire potential across the state. Additional details are posted in the Texas Fire Potential Update at:
Please stay current with your local fire weather forecast at: Texas Fire Weather
Texas A&M Forest Service
Henderson, TX
903-918-9073 To subscribe to TX Fire Potential group updates, send
An email to: [email protected].

City of Highland Haven Notice of Sealed Bid for Sale of Real Property

The City of Highland Haven (“City”) is accepting individual sealed bids for the purchase of the following real property (the “Property”) for the purpose of residential development as described in the Notice of Bid Opening.  Each property is listed below.

Bid packet – Lot 456, Section 6, Highland Haven Subdivision, Burnet County, Texas also known as S5202 Highland Haven Lot 456

Bid packet – Lot 457,Section 6, Highland Haven Subdivision, Burnet County, Texas also known as S5202 Highland Haven Lot 457

Bid packet – Lot 458, Section 6, Highland Haven Subdivision, Burnet County, Texas also known as S5202 Highland Haven Lot 458