City History

Highland Haven began as a subdivision developed by Jones & Pike Real Estate in 1962.  Deed restrictions and covenants were established by the developer.  In December of 1976 the majority of property owners voted to be controlled by an incorporated nonprofit property-owners’ association.

The elected Board of Directors of the Highland Haven Property Owners Association (HHPOA) were entrusted with the responsibility of road and park maintenance, mowing, maintaining restrictions set up by Mr. Pike, collection of funds, and any other such matters related to the Highland Haven Subdivision. 

Over a period of time, the HHPOA acquired title to six parks, over two acres of land, several storage sheds and RV shelters, and the building now used as the City Hall. 

The HHPOA instituted several changes to deed restrictions over the years.  The Community Center was built in 1985 and expanded in 1998 and is operated under a management agreement with the Highland Haven Ladies Club.  

HHPOA activities are funded through donations and the rental of storage sheds and RV, boat and boat trailer storage spaces.

The responsibilities of HHPOA were reduced significantly with the incorporation of the City of Highland Haven in 1995. 

The association is no longer responsible for street maintenance, assessment collection or enforcement of deed restrictions.

Highland Haven was incorporated as a General Law City on November 5, 1995, and operates under a Mayor-Council form of government consisting of a Mayor and five City Aldermen (or council members).

The City assumed responsibility for street maintenance, building codes, adoption and enforcement of ordinances affecting the welfare and safety of citizens, and budget administration.

City expenses are funded through a city property tax.  The building now used as City Hall was donated to the City of Highland Haven by the HHPOA.

John Josefy was our first mayor, serving from 1995 until 1998.  He was followed by John Heath, 1998-1999, Jake Kalisvaart 2000-2004 and Roscoe Holt 2004-2006.

In January 2007, the Board of Alderman under Mayor Peter Freehill, passed a resolution naming City Hall after Roscoe Holt, who gave tirelessly to the community as an elected official and volunteer.  Roscoe passed away in February 2007.

In 2009 the City purchased and now administers the local water system under the name Highland Haven Water System.  Mayor Freehill served the community 2007- 2014.

Irene Dauphin, our 1st female mayor, served 2014 - 2015.  She was followed in June 2015 by Olan Kelly who is our current Mayor.

Dana Turner served as City Secretary and Court Clerk from 2008.  After her many years of dedicated service and giving to our community, she announced her retirement as City Secretary (effective February 28, 2017) and as HH Water System Administrator (effective August 31, 2017).

We were happy to welcome Jeanne Gruetzner in 2017 to fill the position as City Secretary and she currently works diligently to wear the many hats required of that position.

Toward the end of Highland Drive, as it intersects with Quail Dr., the City of Highland Haven ends. The area beyond this is known as the Nobles Addition. We consider the residents of Nobles part of our community, appreciate their volunteer contributions and include them in neighborhood social activities. They are not, however, governed by the City and are not official members of the POA.