Burnet County Burn Ban Lifted 9/9/2020

Burnet County Burn Ban has been lifted.   http://www.burnetcountytexas.org/page/environ.burn

Highland Haven residents, guests and property owners must,

  • contact Burnet County Sheriff’s Office or Granite Shoals Fire Dept prior to burning, and,
  • follow restrictions in Ordinance #27.  https://highlandhaventx.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/Ord027.pdf
    • 1. The fire has to be manned all the time the fire is burning.
    • 2. The fire cannot be started before sunrise and has to be out by sundown.
    • 3. Water has to be readily available on the site in order to control the fire.
    • 4. Rubber or plastic goods cannot be burned.
    • 5. No controlled burns on Sunday.
    • 6. Fire is to be no closer than 50 feet to any structure.