Homeland Security Website Information for Disaster Planning

Below is a link to a Department of Homeland Security website regarding disaster planning.  Today wraps up “Hurricane Preparedness Week” and I found this website that includes some great information for citizens to use to prepare for other disasters as well as hurricanes.  We had a significant food event in October 2018 that impacted many homes along Lake LBJ.  The flood required immediate evacuation from many water front homes during the flood and in some cases it was many months following the flood before residents could return to their homes.  Please take some time to review this website and assist your family with developing an emergency action plan.  We include in each monthly newsletter information about how to sign up for several emergency warning systems available to citizens, please take time to sign up.


Emergency Preparedness / FEMA Hazard Mitigation Plans

WARN Central Texas

LCRA Floodgate Operations Notification Service (FONS)

LCRA Flood Operations Report https://floodstatus.lcra.org/

LCRA Hydromet

  • Get the latest information for the Highland Lakes area including rainfall amounts, rainfall radar images and river flow data. https://hydromet.lcra.org/ 

Be prepared and Be Safe!

Olan Kelley


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