There is now at least one active COVID-19 case being reported in Highland Haven.

Below are links to the latest Burnet County COVID-19 report, the Governor’s Executive Order, the Governor’s Proclamation, Texas Dept of Health Services and attached is a spreadsheet sorted by community.  Granite Shoals has 18 active cases.

We all have a responsibility to protect our families and our community.  You can help by passing along this information to family members, neighbors and contractors that working around your property.

  • Practice social distancing!
  • Wear a face mask in any building open to the public!
  • Wear a face mask in any gathering of 10 or more people who are not living in your household!
  • Wash your hands frequently!
  • If you are sick stay home, call your doctor for advice!
  • Stay Home, Stay Safe!

Olan Kelley


City of Highland Haven TX

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