Confirmed Rabies Incident

On June 13, 2019, a skunk attacked a resident’s pet in their backyard near Heron and Thrush.  The skunk was killed and a veterinarian confirmed the skunk was rabid.  Based on the skunk’s behavior it may have been in an advanced stage of rabies.  The pet is now in quarantine at a veterinary clinic.

Residents are urged to watch their pets and take them to their veterinarian for a checkup if their pet has recently been injured by another animal or if their pet is acting abnormally.  It is recommended that all pets be vaccinated and your veterinarian may recommend a booster to further protect your pet and family. If you observe an animal acting in an unusual and aggressive manner, call 911 and report the animal to the Sheriff’s Office, Burnet County Animal Control.  For non-emergencies call, 512-756-8080.