Sept 2016 Safety Message from Mayor Kelley

Safety message from Mayor Kelley …

Mosquito Safety

Please look for and drain mosquito breeding areas such as standing water in bird baths, plants, rain gutters or anything in your yard that will hold water.

Refer to the following website for more information about the Zika virus transmitted by mosquitos.     What Texans Need to Know About Zika Virus (ENTO-052)

Lot Maintenance

We are receiving complaints daily about overgrown yards and vacant lots.  Neighbors are complaining about pests (snakes and mice) nesting in the tall grass.  Please review Ord. #58, re: property maintenance requirements:

IMPROVED LOTS – Lawn height will not exceed six (6) inches.

UNIMPROVED LOTS – Vegetation height will not exceed sixteen (16) inches

Rabid Bat

A rabid bat was recently found in the backyard of a residence.  Please make sure your animals have been vaccinated.

Traffic Safety

Unlicensed drivers cannot operate motorized vehicles (including golf carts) on the streets of Highland Haven.

We continue to receive complaints from residents about drivers not obeying traffic signs (especially STOP and YIELD signs).

Vehicles are speeding through the intersection of Blackbird and Redbird.  There have been several “near-miss” incidents.  Please slow down and look for oncoming traffic that may be approaching from behind the Community Center.

There are a significant number of pedestrians and bicycles on our streets at various hours of the day and evening.  Please slow down and look out for them.

Pedestrians on the streets in the evening, and especially at night, should have light colored clothing, reflective vest and/or a flashlight.

Bicycles operated at night should have a headlight, tail light and reflectors.  Riders should wear light colored clothing and/or reflective vest.