City Update – August 2016

City Hall Bulletin Board
– Thanks to Joe Fernandez for refinishing our outdoor bulletin board. It looks great!
– We are refreshing info posted on the board. All of old postings have been removed.
– Any new community postings should be no larger than 3”x 5” except for special events.

Board of Alderman
– The BOA is now working on the budget and will be discussing budget items at Board meetings.
– Next BOA Work Session meeting is Tuesday, August 2, 7pm.
– Next BOA Regular meeting is Tuesday, August 16, 7pm.
– These meetings are open to the public, residents and property owners are encouraged to attend.

Planning and Zoning Commission
– New Planning and Zoning Commission Chairman is Rod Georgen. Thanks Rod for stepping up!
– P&Z is now reviewing Ordinance #56 for updating.
– Next P&Z Meeting is Thursday, August 11, 5:30pm.
– These meetings are open to the public, residents and property owners are encouraged to attend.

Street Maintenance
– Summer is here and we are experiencing asphalt bleeding areas around the City.
– We have been coordinating with Burnet County road maintenance staff to address this issue.
– Alderman Passmore is monitoring the streets to locate these areas. He and other volunteers are spreading gravel and sand over certain areas.
– If you would like to assist, please contact me at [email protected] or 512-413-9031 cell
– Be extra careful around areas that have been treated with loose gravel and/or sand!

Tree Trimming and Lot Maintenance
– Trees that overhang the city streets need to be trimmed to at least 15 feet above street level to ensure safe travel along our streets.
– Dead trees and brush piles need to be removed to lessen fire hazard.
– Hedges should be kept to no more than six feet high.
– Owners should contact an arborist service to properly and safely trim trees.
– The Texas A&M website below explains how best to trim trees.
– Alderman Nuss will be surveying our streets to help determine which trees should be trimmed to meet the 15’ overhead clearance requirements
– Property owners are responsible for maintaining right of way and road frontage areas abutting their property.
– REMINDER: Leaves, grass and other refuse shall not be blown, raked, discharged or otherwise disposed of into the lake, streets or drainage infrastructure.
– Thank you for taking the time to keep Highland Haven looking great!

Community Safety
Home and Vehicle Safety
– Burnet County Sheriff asks residents to keep garage doors closed and vehicles locked to reduce opportunities for theft.

Fire Safety
– Burn Ban is ON.

Home Electrical Safety 

A resident recently reported that she had electrical problems and found that her breaker box was the problem. Her electrician suggested replacing it to bring it up to code. Due to her                   experiences, she suggests that owners of an older home might consider having their breaker box service panel inspected; especially, if you are experiencing electrical problems.  Building permits are required for updating electrical service panels.

Highland Haven Building Permits Property Development Permit Application
– Please review our ordinances before starting ANY additions or construction projects on land or water (including floating Jet Ski docks and fences).
– Starting a project before receiving a building permit will result in a “Stop Work Order”, higher fees and possible removal of your project.
– If you have any building permit questions, property owners can call James Warren, Building Permit Officer, (512) 431-0291, or City Hall at (830) 265-4366.