Information from LCRA on Zebra Mussel monitoring

With the recent discovery of zebra mussels in Lake Travis, we are encouraging all customers to keep a close eye on intakes and other structures in the Highland Lakes. Zebra mussels have the potential to clog intakes, so early detection and removal is important. Check structures monthly in Lake Travis and every other month in the other Highland Lakes.

There are several ways to monitor for zebra mussels, including visually inspecting intakes or docks, or placing a zebra monitoring settlement sampler in the water. The attached document includes instructions on how to build a sampler for less than $10.

For more information on zebra mussels and what they mean for the Highland Lakes, contact Lisa Benton, LCRA Water Quality senior coordinator, at 512-578-2151 or

Click here on how to How_to_build_a_zebra_mussel_settlement_sampler.